Tablets Change the World

Every day people come up with new inventions and occasionally, they change the world. In 2010, the iPad was introduced. The tablet has since become an integral part of society. Tablets have redefined the future for computers as these portable devices have functions that enable people to browse the web, read books, e-mail, play games, and watch movies. That is only a short list of their many features. Tablets have become an extension of individuals and have made us more connected than ever before.

As people become more fast paced and want information in the moment, tablets become more and more useful.  Although the tablet has defined its own category, they embody a shrunken laptop or refined smartphone. Tablets have paved the way towards a different approach to computers. The portable device does not require people to haul around a keyboard, mouse or even a huge briefcase full of documents because it is all neatly organized within one device. To keep up with the demands of society, they turn on automatically, have extremely fast touch screens and applications are all downloaded from a single source.

The invention of the tablet has altered many industries. By taking a look at a few of the tablets target markets, we can see how the tablet has the potential to change the world.

Business Industry:

  • Professionals no longer have to carry around laptops and heavy briefcases
  • Presentations can easily be given from the tablet
  • Through facetime, people can connect with each other all around the world

Heath Industry:

  • Health records can be condensed onto the tablet so doctors and nurses do not have to deal with charts
  • Information doctors and nurses need is more easily accessible
  • Saves time as doctors no longer have to search for charts, which enables more patient care
  • Doctors can use the tablet to walk their patient through a visual of their procedure
  • Better relationships are formed between doctors and their patients


  • Teachers can connect the tablet to the television to give presentations to their classes or connect with other classrooms
  • A range of books can be downloaded and stored
  • People can use the tablet to teach themselves new skills such as a new language or an instrument

The world is becoming a more global place and innovations like tablets are reducing the gap as we are able to connect in ways like never before. The tablet was introduced just in 2010 and has already become an integral part of society. As a new innovation, people have rushed to become part of the competition. This has led to huge advances within the last year, and there is no end is sight for what the tablet can become.


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