Best of Animation

Animation is being used more and more frequently in our society. These are just a few exceptional examples that I have come across:


Animation is now used in television shows as cutout and collage animation. An example of this would be South Park.

“South Park is perhaps the most well-known animated TV show that uses cutout and collage animation. The characters are cutout, and occasionally collage animation is used, such as when creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker use photos of Mel Gibson or Saddam Hussein to animate characters.”


As a child, my parents read me stories before going to bed. With the technology we have today, parents can now use animated stories if they so desire. I came across animated Aesop’s fables. Having children listen to these prior to an age they can read is a great learning tool. Although they can’t read the story, they are still learning the message behind it in a fun way.

Marketing and Advertising:

Animax Entertainment is an Emmy Award winning creative studio that produces content for their clients anywhere from animated virtual worlds and video games to social media and TV shows. Their goal is to help their clients tell fun stories in many different ways.


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