Creative Project – Rough Draft

Creative Project Rough Draft:

This creative project will consist of creating a social media marketing strategy for a nonprofit, Muncie Delaware Clean and Beautiful, in the Muncie community. Chris Wilkey and myself will be working together to complete this project.

  • Define the problem/issue you wish to improve/address
    • We wish to motivate more people to be involved in the local community and keep Muncie a cleaner place.
  • Identify your audience (Who are you trying to reach?)
    • Our broad audience will be anyone who is a member of the Muncie community. Our specific audience will be the students of Ball State University.
  • Incorporate articles, research, and case studies to provide evidence that your problem/issue exists and is worthy of addressing (What is the problem? How do you know it’s a problem?)
    • We are working with the company in our management class to help reestablish the non-profit. We think this would be a good way of helping them find a broader volunteer base and create interest in the non-profit. We have talked to the company and their biggest problem is that no one knows about the organization.
  • Propose and support a specific plan of action, using research to justify your plan (Why have you chosen to address the problem in the manner you’ve chosen? Who says your approach will be effective?)
    • We are going to create a social media plan for the organization including:
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Linked-in
      • Website copy editing
      • Blogging
    • This is a free way to advertise the organization since they do not have a budget to spend on marketing.
    • This approach has been used by other non-profit organization and actual for-profit businesses. This gives us the perception that it will work for this non-profit.
    • We plan to be in contact with Keep Delaware County Beautiful throughout this project.
  • Include a minimum of six reputable sources to support your arguments effectively for the draft, and then add an additional six sources for your final project.

Distribution of the work is as follows:

Chris Wilkey:

  • Website copy editing
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

MaryBeth Kowalinski:

  • Facebook
  • Blogging

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