Marketing Industry Leaders use of Social Media

With the continually changing environment of the marketing field, future marketing professionals must dig deeper than the information we learn through our textbooks and professors in our college classes. One way to do this is to follow current industry leaders. Social media enables us to do this without having to take a lot of time out of our busy schedules. With all the work college students have, we have to use our extra time efficiently. By following leaders on blogs, twitter, facebook, etc., we can select the topics that interest us the most.

One nonprofit marketing industry leader that I follow is Katya Andresen. She uses Twitter effectively by tweeting whenever she posts a new blog entry. Instead of having to go to her blog and skim the articles, I can use Twitter to find out a brief description of the article to determine if the article would be applicable to me or not. Not only does she tweet about her recent blog posts, but she also posts relevant articles that other people have posted. This saves me from having to search the web in order to obtain articles that will impact my future career. This also provides me with a wider array of topics than I would have discovered myself.

Another marketing industry leader that I follow is Erik Qualman who focuses on how to utilize social media effectively. He also blogs and tweets, but in a much different way than Katya does. His blog teaches marketers the latest ways they should be incorporating social media into their businesses. By following his blog, I can easily remain up-to-date on current marketing strategies. If I need an opinion on social media, I know that by going to his blog I will more than likely be able to find a solution. His tweets often contain interesting facts that are happening in the marketing world. These facts give me a good base for what to look up if I want to know more about it.

Tom H. C. Anderson is known as the next generation market researcher. His blog discusses the latest trends in market research. He often posts about conferences he attended or spoke at, which gives me an idea of which ones will potentially be of value to me one day. Like Katya, on twitter, he posts articles on some of the latest news in social media. He also uses twitter as a platform to answer questions that people have for him. I like to see the questions people post because often times they are things I have not thought of before.

Following industry professionals is a great way for people to stay up-to-date in the marketing world. For college students, following industry professionals on social media is a way to cut out all the clutter that fills the rest of the web. I value the topics the industry leaders I follow discuss so when clicking an article I tend to always find some application that pertains to my life. Social media is a powerful tool and can be used in many different ways. Learning more about your industry is just one of the many ways social media can benefit you.


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