Evolution of Music

Moby Video main points:

  • Record companies are falling apart, therefore forcing more people to take a more DIY (do-it-yourself) approach.
  • The quality of music has improved because more people are putting out records purely for the love of music.
  • The playing field of the music world has become more even. People no longer have to have a lot of money to break into the business.

Documentary: How to Fix the Music Industry by Max Tolkoff:

  • People’s individual work is great but it can only go so far. They need the creativity of an outside source (aka a record company) to help make themselves stand out.
  • The music industry is going to become more about independent labels. Most successful groups establish themselves on their own through MySpace and YouTube.
  • People need to begin providing quality music. Today there is too much mediocrity. Listening to consumer preferences is what is the key to fixing the industry.
  • Music has to become engaging again. It has to take risks and it has to be on demand. No one wants to wait around anymore. We want it now.
  • Music on television has been successful due to the fact that it is easily accessible. People can access the music from their shows websites right after the show has aired. Convenience is the key.

After watching two videos on the music industry, as summarized above, there is no doubt that the music industry is evolving and has been for years. Both videos seemed to agree on the fact that record companies are no longer as significant as they used to be. With the increase in technology that everyone has access to today, this makes sense. People no longer need recording studios to make them well known. This is also the reason that the playing field in the music industry has evened out. People don’t need fancy equipment to generate music like they used to. Mediums such as MySpace and YouTube can achieve the same results that recording studios used to. A lot of my friends pride themselves on discovering artists before they become known to the world. Technology has made it possible for people to do this. I do believe recording studios can be of major help to artists who are in need of some creative guidance, but overall they are going out of style.


One video claims that the quality of music is improving due to the fact that people are writing music purely for the love of it. The other video claims that music has become engaging again. When people have a passion for what they are doing it is going to show. People are more willing to take risks because if they don’t work, they experiment until they find the right fit. If people are listening to their audience then they are going to achieve great results. This is what Steve Jobs did with Apple and why it is a major success. Consumers are always right. If musicians listen to the consumers, they are going to go far in the music industry. The music industry is slowing discovering what consumer preferences are in regards to music. Consumers want music on demand. The reason music sales from television shows has been so successful is due to the fact that people can easily and quickly access the music after the show has aired. This proves that people are all about living in the moment. If we have to wait for something, we are likely going to forget about it. The key to fixing the music industry is to listen to consumers. There is no way the problem can be solved in a day, but if musicians begin to listen to what consumers want the industry will slowly, drastically change.


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