Design Interaction

I have always wondered how people are able to come up with the amazing inventions that they do. The funny thing is, they are often a result of an accident or simply a new way of thinking about something. In one of my classes, we had a guest presenter on design interaction. The way designers come up with new, innovative ideas is to go back to the basics. The thought is so simple, yet one I have never thought of. As always though, going back to the basics is easier said than done.

We discussed examples of how the future of technology design is to become a part of our everyday lives. We no longer have to force ourselves to incorporate technology into our lives, it happens seamlessly. The challenge of designers is to make this process flow even more smoothly. We viewed the worlds first mobile augmented reality browser that is accessible on a mobile phone. This app, created by Layar, is only the beginning. The following video, by the same company, shows how augmented reality is becoming a part of everyday life.

Design interaction seems like it is a new concept that is here to stay. Designers have only just begun to capitalize on all of the benefits that design interaction can provide. One of the most incredible aspects of design are the mechanisms people have come up with to trace activity. In class we discussed eye tracking. Studies have been performed to show how consumers use websites. This information is invaluable in helping companies improve the design of their websites. Through the studies, companies can determine how accessible and user friendly their website and apps really are. Knowing the simple fact that people follow an F pattern (as shown below) when they read can significantly alter the way a company designs their websites.

The key aspect of design interaction is that it focuses on meeting the needs and desires of the people who use the product. In today’s market, focusing on the consumer’s desires are extremely important. Companies who take this approach as the ones who are the most successful. Apple is a perfect example. By listening to customers needs and desires, Apple has become one of the worlds leading companies. Design interaction and Apple products go hand in hand making them a force to be reckoned with. Apple is constantly working to create better product experiences. I seem to always be holding my breath wondering what Apple will come up with next.

Design interaction is no longer a concept, it has become an integral part of our lives. The way we interact with our products has become second nature and we don’t even realize how conveniently products are designed to work with us. After learning about design interaction, I look at my computer and cell phone and am amazed at how seamlessly they work. Design interaction has advanced exponentially in the last few years, but it is still relatively new. This excites me to know that there is a whole world left to be discovered in the realm of design interaction. With the way technology advances, we never know what is yet to be discovered.


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